D-A-S-H Service

Internet publicity and networked communications offer new opportunities for activist groups. Although it’s difficult to imagine how many initiatives could succeed without the use of websites and mailing lists, live broadcasting of concerts or public discussions is still rare, even though it is not difficult to do.

The opportunities offered by the new technologies entail new challenges and uncertainties. Aside from gaining the necessary knowledge, the problem of obtaining money and hardware must also be faced. Looking for the right digital camera, finding enough webspace or the appropriate streaming provider is for many a journey into the unknown.

D-A-S-H helps activist groups find the right solution for individual projects and, if needed, offers a wide variety of technical services. The focus here is on building networks: if need be, D-A-S-H will provide the required technology and know-how. If it is possible, however, D-A-S-H prefers to act as the matchmaker between activists and the individuals, institutions and initiatives which can best provide the necessary capabilities and resources.


  • Email accounts
    D-A-S-H Mail offers activists email accounts that are free of charge and free of advertising. D-A-S-H Mail not only supports Pop3 protocols, but SMTP and IMAP protocols. It can be used with all commercial email programs. D-A-S-H Mail’s webmail interface gives you the option of working directly in the internet.
  • Mailing lists
    Mailing lists are the most immediate form of networking. Whether they are used to engage in political debates, to coordinate campaigns or just to keep up-to-date, mailing lists can be used by a fixed and well-known circle of members or by a (continually increasing) number of anonymous users.
  • Discussion forums
    Discussion forums can be useful when you need to discuss particular topics at greater length or detail, perhaps in a small working group. Unlike mailing lists, discussion forums allow you not only to send and receive contributions to the discussion by email, but to view them in the context of the greater discussion through the presentation of the discussion threads on another webpage. Since discussion forums are able to integrate an unlimited number of users, they allow you to make your own activities available for public discussion.
  • Homepage
    D-A-S-H offers webspace and domain hosting free of advertisements under D-A-S-H.org to groups who want to post their own website in the net. Technical support is also possible.
  • Streaming
    Access to audio and video recording on the net is becoming easier and better. The range of influence enjoyed by local events, concerts, interviews and lectures can be increased tremendously. The recordings are processed so that you can see or hear them on the net or save them on your computer, where they can be played using free software.
  • Chat
    Chats come very close to providing real-time communication. They are of particular interest with regard to online broadcasting, during which they can be used as back channels allowing viewers to immediately contribute their opinions and impressions.