Upper Austria Cup

The 17th Upper Austria Cup will take place in Wels (Upper Austria)
from 8 to 13 July, 2002. Around 200 teams from 30 countries are
expected to attend the youth football tournament. In addition to
fighting for the glass trophy, the tournament is about getting to know
new people and accepting foreign cultures. Under-18 teams for young
women and men can apply until the end of May, 2002. Travel and
accommodation must be paid for by the participants, but depending on
sponsorship funds, teams can also receive financial support.

Contact: Günter Trappmair, g.trappmair@ooe.net

Crime-scene: Stadium. Racism and discrimination in German football

The exhibition, »Tatort Stadion. Rassismus und Diskriminierung im deutschen Fußball« (»Crime-scene: stadium. Racism and discrimination in German football«) was set up by B.A.F.F.(1) and is part of a broader project organized by Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE). The exhibition receives funding from the European Union. »Crime-scene: stadium« will offer an overview of incidents involving racism and discrimination and of developments in football stadiums since the 1980s.

A large panel discussion will take place on the opening day of 7 November, 2001, in Berlin. Among those participating will be representatives of Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE), DFB (German Football Association) and UEFA. The exhibition is located in the office of the ver.di trade union at Dudenstr. 10, Berlin.

Bündnis Aktiver Fußballfans e. V. (B.A.F.F.)
Postfach 35 08 54
10217 Berlin
Tel.: (030) 29 35 28 35 – E-Mail: gerd@aktive-fans.de

make-world festival

konferenz | ausstellung | performances | workshops
18 – 21 OKTOBER 2001

Media and migration, worldwide mobility and communication have been the two big issues of recent times. »Make world« is really a command for completely renewing a computer’s operating system. From 18 – 21 October, an unusual festival with this name will take place in the Muffathalle and Galerie lothringer13 in Munich. Its goal is to try to interconnect many different issues and approaches. Scientists, theorists, artists and activists have been invited to presentations, constructive debates, reflection and discussion. Under the title of BORDER=»0« LOCATION=»YES«, the following question will be addressed: what new forms of subjectivity have been created by the current changes in the world, which until now have been labeled »digitalization, globalization and ’informization’«


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