Students against the Right – »web gegen rechts« (web against the Right)

The internet site »web gegen rechts« was created in 1999 by three students at the Steglitz Berlin Gymnasium (secondary school) in cooperation with the Berlin »Antifaschistischen Presse- und Bildungsarchiv e.V.« (»Antifascist Press and Education Archive«). The site is one of the entries in a competition sponsored by the Berlin Parliament for the creation of websites against the increasing amount of far-right, racist and anti-Semitic propaganda on the internet. The most striking feature of the site is the analysis of websites created by the Right, whereby the URLs of the sites are not revealed. Rounding off the site’s broad selection of features is a linklist of virtual and actual initiatives against the Right and a list of tips on how individuals can become active against the Right.

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Dossier #4: A look at internet projects and initiatives which deal with Nazis on the net in very different ways and in so doing, provide material for a discussion on the various strategies.

  1. Strategies against right-wing extremism on the net
  2. What should be done?
    (Katharina Hamann)
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  4. Registering neo-Nazi sites online
  5. Students against the Right
  7. Children of the Holocaust
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