XPedient.org, one of D-A-S-H’s model projects, is looking for more people! »XP« is the name of the newest Windows version and »Expedient« is the previous name for what is now called »Sales Director«. But Xpedient has nothing to do with Bill Gates or the customer profile database that he has integrated into the XP system. The English word »expedient« was chosen to designate activities and debate against Nazis on the internet, say the creators of the new »Antiracist Network on the Internet«. The new website, Xpedient.org, aims to contextualize Nazi sites and at the same time create a platform for offensive online action against the Right. The site’s creators speak out against censorship, explaining that filter software and bans are the gateway to a state of control over the net that, in the end, affects all users. Xpedient.org does want to publish the addresses, content, operators and providers of the far-right sites, but primarily in order to provide seriously researched information to antifascist groups and engaged journalists. The focus is not on finding the respective sites but on their analysis and contextualization: which sites carry weight in the Nazi scene; what material is particularly dangerous; and above all, who are the providers?

The online antifascists do not intend to accomplish all this on their own. They are counting on the essence and strength of the net: networking. The website is conceived as a content management system, allowing many different users to be involved in its further design. Active groups and engaged journalists can write articles and commentaries, enter new links and take part in forum discussions, resulting in a real »Antiracist Network on the Internet«.

Contact: xatun@so36.net or erdal@xpedient.org

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Dossier #4: A look at internet projects and initiatives which deal with Nazis on the net in very different ways and in so doing, provide material for a discussion on the various strategies.

  1. Strategies against right-wing extremism on the net
  2. What should be done?
    (Katharina Hamann)
  3. Interview with jugendschutz.net
  4. Registering neo-Nazi sites online
  5. Students against the Right
  6. XPedient.org
  7. Children of the Holocaust
  8. Linklist for this issue
  9. Dates