Open Space: »Youth in a space free of violence – schools without racism«

Under the motto, »Racism, violence and intolerance are impediments – this affects us all!«, an invitation went out to students, teachers and parents, as well as all to projects and institutions that deal with these issues, to attend the event, »Open Space: Youth in a space free of violence – schools without racism.« It took place from January 17 – 18, 2002, in Berlin at the Forum for Politics and Society and was intended to draw attention to already existing projects, to encourage the extension of such projects outside of school, and to be a catalyst for the networking of initiatives against racism.
Information at:

Forum Politik und Gesellschaft
Hiroshimastraße 17
D-10785 Berlin
Fax 030-26935-858
Ansprechpartnerin: Katja Meyer

Anti-fascist Events Campaign

The fourth week-long Anti-fascist Events Campaign takes place from January 27 – February 4, 2002 under the motto, »Acting together against Nazis, racism and total control«, initiated by the Antifaschistischen Aktionsbündnis III [A3] (Anti-fascist Events Association). They aim to bring together a variety of events and campaigns and to produce new longer-term projects. All groups, initiatives, organizations and individuals are called upon to confront racism together, to educate the public on and become active against the police’s all-encompassing recording of data, to develop anti-fascist resistance and to provide concrete support for the victims of any kind of discrimination.

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Dossier #4: A look at internet projects and initiatives which deal with Nazis on the net in very different ways and in so doing, provide material for a discussion on the various strategies.

  1. Strategies against right-wing extremism on the net
  2. What should be done?
    (Katharina Hamann)
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  4. Registering neo-Nazi sites online
  5. Students against the Right
  7. Children of the Holocaust
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